Serving fresh fish and classic San Francisco dishes from the gold rush to the California food revolution in 1970s
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To Our Friends and Patrons,
We are Happy to present to you an Old-Fashioned Eating House with Old Fashioned Waiter Service and Private Booths together with a professionally equipped kitchen for better and faster service. We want to continue to serve you as we have done over the past 75 years and keep our reputation as one of the GOOD EATING PLACES of “Old San Francisco.” We are proud of it and hope you will be, too.
Thank You!  (taken from Sam’s menu from 1946)

“We learned about rex sole—obviously named, in some way, for our father, Rex Kennedy– and about sand dabs.  Father said the latter were the most delicate fish in the world, especially as served at Sam’s.”
–M. F. K. Fisher, on visiting San Francisco in 1915, when she was ten, for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (To Begin Again, p. 110)